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I develop a software for Windows OS, I develop sites: whole or in parts, also is possible collaboration with the designer or site development based on yours graphic content. I can use Flash for developing some elements like interactive banners, buttons, players, etc.
I work with 1C-Bitrix also I have experience editing sites on Joomla, WordPress, Internet.CMS and other trash frameworks =) And ofcourse I pretty excelled with pure php/js/jq/sql/etc.
I professionally know: DELPHI, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, ActionScript;
and somewhat familiar with Java, C + +, ASM and other languages ​​such as Lua and XML...
Price depends on the complexity of the project and deadlines. Payment on Visa credit card.
Please dont forget about additional nuances, such as the required size of the executable-file and other. Speak such things at once.
If project is big - presence of specification is desired (structure and design - to your taste, the main thing - the readability). If writing specification is not included in your plans, from You is required detailed, and it is desirable, structured description =)
Payment is required after the demonstration of the demo, or part of the work!

P.S. Yes, it's not a complete website. And - yes, I'm like the shoemaker without shoes =)

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